Search online for moving companies and your screen will fill with hundreds of companies in any major metro area. How do you choose the right company?

Do a little homework, ask a few questions, and you can quickly narrow down the number to a few really professional moving and storage companies. When it comes to your home or business, and taking care of your business property and personal belongings, it really does matter who moves them. Here is a checklist of things you can do to help make sure you get a professional you can trust and who will do the job right.

  • Select a locally-based moving company. It’s easier for you to check out a local company, get references from local people and maybe even visit the facilities. (You might not really want an old broken-down truck to transport your property, or a ramshackle building to store your things.) Even if you’re looking at national companies for a transcontinental move, it’s better if you can find a local agent’s office.
  • Avoid using an Internet broker. Such brokers usually just hand your business over to some other company you know nothing about.
    Verify the moving company’s place of business and operation has a valid address. Reputable, established companies will display their valid address on all documents, websites and advertising. You will also need this information for any further inquiries and contacts, too.
  • Always ask the moving company whether it is licensed, bonded and insured. If you have any doubts or if your property is high value, you should ask for actual license numbers and insurance or bond information. A reputable company will fully understand your concern and cooperate with you.
  • Ask if the company is an active member of the Better Business Bureau ( and the American Moving and Storage Association ( You can verify these facts on the Internet yourself. Larger, busier companies might have a few BBB complaints against them because they do so many moves with so many customers. The important question is: does the company resolve all complaints? The BBB rating and reports will indicate this vital fact.
  • Does the company use full-time employees or temporary day labor? Those companies using day labor might not have insurance that fully covers the risks. Also, day laborers don’t have any obligations to customers because they don’t need to build and preserve a reputation. Day laborers may not care how quickly and smoothly the move goes; some may even take your property.
  • Ask whether the company is willing to provide you with customer references or reviews.
  • Be sure the company is willing to send you an emailed confirmation with dates, pricing, and all the details they discussed with you prior to the move.
  • Ask about the kinds of training your potential movers and drivers have completed. It’s important to know if they are professionally-trained employees.

Check these other important business details:

  • Does the company have policies for cancellations and postponements? Do any charges apply?
  • Does the company require a deposit before the move?
  • Does the company have a minimum charge or a minimum number of hours they have to work?
  • Does the company charge by the hour or by the piece?
  • What sorts of things can happen on moving day that would increase the charges above what you agree on today?
  • What payment options are available? Personal checks – credit cards – installment payments – interest on late payments?

Clear communication between the customer and the service provider is vital. It is important all questions are answered with your full understanding.

Metro Movers is a fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured Phoenix based company who have been moving Arizona families and corporations since 1982.