The Definitive Packing Day Playlist

playlist for moving dayThere’s nothing like a good song to get you pumped for something you’re not looking forward to do. And if I could guess, moving would be one of those things. The prospect of moving is exciting and exhilarating, but the actual moving day can drag on and on. What if you had some energizing tunes to get you going? Here are a few of our favorites!

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Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

This rocking song will have you pumped up and ready to move on to the next part of your life, beautiful new home or apartment! Get your air guitars out and bust out a drum solo on your boxes! Listen >>

Graduation (Friends Forever) – Vitamin C

This song is the perfect anthem for someone venturing out on their own for the first time! This is definitely a song for anyone with a little sentimental side. Grab the tissues and reminisce. Listen >>

I Get Around – Beach Boys

For all of you that are fans of the classics, this is the perfect moving day song! The upbeat tempo will have you moving quickly, and your move will be over and done with in no time. Listen >>

Who Says You Can’t Go Home – Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is simply the best! This song is a smile inducing, happiness invoking jam. Harmonize with your fellow movers and watch moving day fly by while you’re having fun! Listen >>

I Like to Move It – Real 2 Real

We simply couldn’t complete this list without this song. We know it’s cheesy, but you have to admit, it’s catchy. I dare you not to dance! Form a conga line for boxes and you’ll be out of your old house and into the new one before you know it. Listen >>

These are just a few of our favorite moving day songs. You can substitute them with anything that gets your feet moving and your legs grooving. Tell us what your favorite moving day songs are!

If you’d like a helping hand on moving day, give us a call at 602-242-1160. We’d be glad to move and shake with you right into your new home!


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