How do I make sure I am dealing with a reputable, reliable mover?

Arizona does not regulate movers and movers are not required to be licensed, bonded, insured, carry cargo insurance or Workers Compensation Insurance. Ask your mover to see their proof of cargo and Workers Comp Insurance. Check out all movers you are considering with the Better Business Bureau before you schedule your move. Keep in mind that Metro Movers is fully licensed, bonded, insured and has an A+ Rating with the BBB.

Are your movers employees or do you use day or temporary labor?

All of our movers are employees, have passed a background check and are legal residents of the U.S. We also require all of our employees to be fluent in English.

Do I need to make special allowances for the movers?

Yes, insure that there are no vehicles in the driveway and/or parked on the street directly in front of your home or business. Also leave a clear walkway to the building, in all rooms, hallways, and exit(s) large enough for the moving of furniture and other large items.

Should I label my boxes?

Yes, it will make the move faster and more efficient if you do. Label them with a numbering system. For example, master bedroom # 1, second bedroom # 2, den # 3, office # 4 and so on. Then put a sheet of paper by the door leading into the room with the corresponding number on it. This is especially helpful if you have multiple bedrooms or specialty rooms.

How heavy can I pack my boxes?

Heavy duty boxes should be limited to 50 pounds or less. Boxes heavier than that required two persons to move and it will slow down your move. Boxes made of light-weight cardboard should be limited to 25 pounds, or the maximum recommended by the box manufacturer.

What should I do with a safe to prepare it for a move?

Please empty the contents, then latch and lock the safe.

What about file cabinets?

Vertical files can be left full. Lateral files, two drawers or less, can be left full. Lateral files, three drawers or more, need to have all drawers above the second drawer emptied. If your filing cabinets lock, lock them and remove the key. If not, we will shrink wrap them to insure the drawers don’t open. Please call a member of our staff for clarification or questions.

Should I empty jewelry armoires and boxes?

Yes, please empty all contents and transport them with you.

What should I do with furniture made of “particle board” (OSB)?

Most manufacturers of furniture made with OSB recommend complete disassembly before moving to prevent damage. Furniture made with OSB is not as strong as natural wood furniture and simply turning a piece to get through a door could cause damage. You might want to locate the instruction book that came with the furniture and tape it to the underside of a drawer or other piece for reassembly later.

How should I prepare beds?

Please remove all bedspreads, blankets, sheets, and mattress covers. Waterbeds must be fully drained and boxed to prevent damage. If you want to disassemble the bed(s) before we arrive to save on time, please put all hardware in a Ziploc baggie and keep it with you so it doesn’t get misplaced.

How should I prepare appliances for moving?

Disconnect all electrical, water, gas, communications and data lines. Refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers must be emptied. For local moves only, some freezers and refrigerators can be left full and plugged in until it is loaded onto the truck. This will be loaded last and unloaded first so it can be plugged in immediately. Please contact a member of our staff with any questions. We suggest that refrigerators and freezers be emptied and disconnected 12 hours before your move. Don’t forget to empty drain pan(s)! There will likely be some fluid there several hours after you shut them off. Recheck the drain pan(s) just before the movers arrive. Appliances with moving parts could be damaged during transport. Front load washers will need special prepping before being moved. Make sure to check with the manufacturer regarding specific requirements for your washer. Microwaves with movable turntables should have parts removed and packed separately and securely. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the appropriate manufacturer guides and manuals to insure your appliances are prepared properly for transport.

What should I do with my computer(s) and electronics?

Please consult your owner’s manual(s) or service providers for instructions before disconnecting monitors, printers and other electronics. All electronic equipment must be packed to be moved. If you have all the original packing materials that is always best. Copiers and scanners may have moving parts that need to be fixed in place before moving. It is the customers responsibility to check the appropriate manufacturer guides and manuals to insure your computer equipment is prepared properly for transport.

I’ve heard that my piano won’t play correctly after a move. Is that true?

Acoustic pianos are under a great deal of stress from the tension of the strings. Many have a metal frame to handle this stress, but even then most manufacturers recommend a retune after transport. Check with the manufacturer of your particular piano to be sure. We cannot be responsible for the tune of your instrument following your move.

I talked with someone who said they could move my piano for a very low price. Can you match their bid?

Beware of people who claim they can move your specialized, expensive items, such as pianos, cheaply. Some may be uninsured or worse. We are fully bonded, licensed, and insured. We know how to move your delicate and expensive items as safely as possible.

How long should my move take?

It depends on a number of factors: How many rooms you have to move, how many items you have, how well it is packed, how prepared you are, and how many movers you choose to have us send. Call us! We’d be happy to give you an estimate and help you decide how many movers you will need.

How much does it cost to move?

Again, that depends. Our rates are very competitive among reputable movers. Just make sure you are dealing with a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured mover who has at least an A rating with the BBB. Call us and we will use our expertise to help you prepare for the smoothest move possible.

Is it OK if I’m still packing when the movers arrive?

We would prefer that you be completely packed before we arrive. This is a courtesy to you. If you are still busy packing we may have to look for you if we have a question about a particular piece. Also, we don’t want to get in your way or vice versa. Anything that slows down the movers means the move will take longer than expected. We want to be as efficient as possible with your time and money. If you don’t think you will be finished packing in time, consider using our professional packing service to help simplify the moving process.

What about children and animals? Can they be present?

It is best if they are off the property or safely and securely out of the way. The last thing we would want to happen is for a small child or pet to dart in the way while our team is moving something heavy. Safety is our first priority. If a friend or family member can watch children and/or pets during the move it would be best. Otherwise, insure that they are safely in a secure area away from the path to the exit and the items being moved (or in an area that can be saved for later in the move).