Insuring Your Move and Protecting Your Belongings

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insure your move

One of the most common questions we are asked as a Phoenix moving company is about insurance. People want to know if we cover their belongings or if they should worry about insuring their move. They also want to know what happens if a mover is injured while working on their property. Here are the answers to your moving insurance questions!

Will the moving company’s insurance cover property damaged during a move?

The short answer is yes. Moving companies should have cargo insurance. This covers them in case anything is damaged while they’re in possession of your belongings. The type of cargo and level of liability will vary depending on the company you hire.

Full value or replacement protection should cover the complete cost of any of the items your moving company will come in contact with. This means if any of your items are damaged, the moving company is responsible for the full amount of the cost of the item. They can repair the item, replace it or offer a cash settlement. Be sure to speak with your moving company because this wont always include high ticket items and usually includes a deductible. Full replacement insurance will usually be offered for an additional fee added to your moving costs.

Released value insurance will cover minimal protection. This means the company will be responsible for a dollar amount per pound (usually somewhere between .40 to 1.00) on your damaged item. This type of insurance should be of no extra charge to you.

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What happens if a mover is injured in my home?

Most moving companies include workers compensation insurance for their employees that will cover them in the instance that they are injured on the job. You should also check with your homeowners insurance company and see what they will cover. It can be tricky as you’re switching insurance from one home to another, so be sure to get clarification. If someone is injured in your home, take notes about the injury, get statements from the crew and document the incident with as much detail as possible including pictures which helps with insuring your move.

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Our staff of movers are experienced, knowledgeable and are trained to move safely and efficiently. That’s why Metro Movers is one of the top moving companies in the Phoenix market. If you’d like to learn more about the moving process or have questions about insurance, please give us a call at 602-242-1160.

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